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An importer of Fine Home Furnishing Textiles, specializing in high end classical patterns and textures that have been successfully specified for prestigious residential, commercial and hospitality projects worldwide. 

From our extensive range of woven fabrics, each available in numerous colorways, we are confident that you will find the fabric that best suites your needs. 

Moreover, the high abrasion ratings make these fabrics suitable for a variety of settings, be it commercial or residential. 

Integrity and Service is our Hallmark

Starting in 1981, Mr. Herman began directing his creative skills toward interior textiles and brought together numerous luxurious fabric, upholstery collections from around the world. 

Mr. Herman with an eye for color and design, established himself as one of the leading textile artisans throughout the residential and hospitality trade. He became known for his exacting attention to detail, use of the finest materials and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.  

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Tom Herman, Founder 


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Wiener Werkstatte, Vienna

Pattern: Kunstschau # M0681405, Vienna

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Designs

The patterns and prints of the Wiener Werkstatte were among the most popular and successful textile designs of the early twentieth century, reflecting both the tastes of Viennese society and general trends toward artistic abstractionism. 

The demand for fabric designs for use by the fashion department and in interior decoration was met by original designs from some 100 artists, including the association's co-founder Josef Hoffmann and other leading figures. 

Their creativity gave rise to one of the most remarkable legacies of modern textile design. These range from the early rounded naturalistic motifs of Art Nouveau to later angular geometric designs associated with Art Deco. 

Aviron Textiles began selling these original Wiener Werkstatte patterns back in 1981 and has for nearly four decades been the go to source for such important, historical designs. They are timeless and make a bold and impressive statement in any interior space, be it a private residence or commercial cafe or restaurant.   

Celebrity Installation

Tina Turner Residence

 Turner's villa, like Turner herself, has, she says, gone through a number of "incarnations" before acquiring its present character, in which grandeur is balanced by informality. "A great interior has to coalesce," she says. "When I see something I love—a suite of furniture, a piece of art—I never measure, I never hesitate, I just buy it. Eventually I'll find a place for it. I have strong tastes—and big storerooms. I've always wanted and needed to transform my surroundings, because decorating is my first response to loss and upheaval; settle, collect—create a private universe. 

 Fabric:  Richmond Chenille Tapesrty 

              Color Beige / Gold Metal Yarns  

South of France

Tina Turner - South of France Residence

Documentary Tapestry


Hospitality Customers

Waldorf Astoria, New York

New York's legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel has hosted kings, queens, presidents and movie stars - 

From its inception, the Waldorf Astoria gained international renown for its lavish dinner parties and galas, often at the center of political and business conferences involving the rich and famous.  


Walt Disney, Orlando

Art Nouveau Design 1910, Vienna, Titled: Sonnenaufgang 

An exquisite example of an original Art Nouveau pattern dated 1910, Vienna. 

Originally produced as a fabric and then converted to a wallcovering. The pattern name is Sonnenaufgang, which translates from German to Sun Burst!   

The wallcovering has a width of 27" and is available with a minimum of 50 Rolls.

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

The Mirage considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas has a storied history. It was built by Las Vegas visionary Steve Wynn at a cost of $630 million. At the time it was built, The Mirage was the most expensive casino-hotel in history. The Mirage Las Vegas opened on November 22, 1989. 

Hospitality, Aircraft & Yacht Customers

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